SMART WATER products


Our SMART WATER disinfection solutions with UVC LEDs provide new benefits

UVC rays are ideal for disinfecting drinking water, process water or waste water - without chlorine or other oxidants. The advantages of UVC LEDs compared to conventional UVC lamps are diverse:
> higher robustness
> longer operating time
> more compact design
> lower power consumption
> environmentally friendly

SMART WATER products in pre-launch phase

Current projects are running with selected reference customers. They confirm the advantages of UVC LEDs in water disinfection.
Our mission is to make clean water accessible to all.

Basic research for products

We have the efficiency of our solutions and products tested in cooperation with German research institutes. We use the findings of the research to continuously improve our products.
Science and research

At our company, knowledge and findings from research flow into the solutions and products of tomorrow. Innovation-relevant knowledge is not only created in the initiative development, but in every phase of the iterative process within the product life cycle and thus in the entire value chain.
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