SMART AIR products


UV Smart Ceiling

Highly effective protection against viruses and bacteria in closed rooms. Our UV Smart Ceiling solution combines simplicity and safety. The germs contained in the rising air are guided and destroyed by the horizontal UVC rays. In this way, the breathing air in the room is continuously disinfected. The advantage of our system is the high range of strongly bundled light beams, which are fully effective at every point. This results in fast and efficient air sterilisation. The ideal solution for interiors with public traffic. The effect is verified and certified by expert opinions from leading German universities.

Health hazards caused by UVC light are excluded at all times thanks to our technology, for which a worldwide patent application has been filed. All applicable occupational health and safety requirements are consistently complied with. Scattered radiation into the room and reflections are excluded, movement sensors ensure automatic switch-off in case of contact with persons.

UV Smart Wall

Highly effective protection against viruses and bacteria in closed rooms. The UV Smart Wall solution virtually separates rooms into smaller units using vertical UVC beams and acts as a virus protection wall. The advantage of this system is that it divides work areas into safe zones. Viruses and bacteria are eliminated in the UV Smart Wall and cannot spread across zones. The system is suitable for all rooms where people are present. Our UV Smart Wall solution combines simplicity and safety.


Our Smart HVAC UVC LED solution provides the highest protection against aerosol carried pathogens and easily retrofits to all existing HVAC systems. With as good as none airflow reduction the air is cleaned by strongest collimated UVC beams. That also reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions by a higher circulation air rate.

Our new UVC LED system is immediately effective, mercury and ozone free. With an optimized wavelength for inactivating pathogens it has a higher efficiency than most other HVAC disinfection systems. Viruses, bacteria or spores are thus inactivated by UVC rays (e.g. up to 99.9 % of all influenza or corona viruses).
Our mission is to provide clean indoor air for everyone.

Basic research for products

We have the efficiency of our solutions and products tested in cooperation with German research institutes. We use the findings of the research to continuously improve our products.
Science and research

At our company, knowledge and findings from research flow into the solutions and products of tomorrow. Innovation-relevant knowledge is not only created in the initiative development, but in every phase of the iterative process within the product life cycle and thus in the entire value chain.
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